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Muck and magic

Posted on 1 November, 2012 at 14:37
They say that where there's muck there's brass, so if the amount of clarts on the apples we've been sorting for pressing today is anything to go by we're in for a premium Woolly Pig Vintage 2012.  But hey, what's a bit of mud between friends?  No doubt the soil underneath the National Fruit Collection apple trees is full of good nutrients, so it can't do any harm to lob a bit into the mill with the fruit every now and then.  I mean, pregnant women crave it, toddlers munch on it.  Ok, Ok, I'm just looking for an excuse not to have to wash it all off first... one less back-aching task has to be a good thing.

The pigs (and piglets) are having a fantastic time disposing of the pomace, although I'm a bit worried that they don't get through it all before it starts fermenting. If you're in the vicinity and hear grunting that sounds suspiciously like rugby songs, and spy some Mangalitzas and Gloucester Old Spots staggering about in their cups, then you'll know who to blame :-O

Categories: The Ciderist's Apprentice

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