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Happy New 2012!! And hello again Moira Stewart...

Posted on 7 January, 2012 at 7:12 Comments comments (173)
Well, you can tell the festivities are over when Moira's dulcet tones start interrupting our Classic FM reverie to remind us (more accurately, me) to get on with our blimmin' tax returns.  Seasonal felicitations to you too HMRC.  Having spent the last two days catching up with nearly three month's accounts to get a VAT return in on time, finally transmitted at 7.29pm last night, I hoped for a brief respite... but sadly it's not to be.
Apart from us all having the lurgy over Christmas, and the dog eating a whole brandy-soaked Christmas cake and a full box, both layers, of chocolate brazils, all was comfort & joy in the TP household.  As in we managed to not get on each other's wicks too much (all the cabin fever angst was aimed at the dog, who I'm happy to report suffered no serious ill effects from all the brandy, fruit, nuts and chocolate, just drank gallons of water and threw up a lot).  The tree's now down (for the fourth year in a row, our fabulous tree from Grow at Brogdale was still looking brand new with barely a needle missing on 6th Jan, seems a shame to chuck it out for the recycling!) and the cards are in a pile ready to be cut up to make next year's gift tags.
To be honest, and as much as I like Christmas, like lots of people (I guess women of a certain age, mostly) it's quite nice when it's all over, the house is quiet and reasonably tidy, but there's a pile of goodies, a load of great books and DVDs to get started on.  Not a bad way to spend January.  Plus the weather's lovely today - bright, no wind for a change - and the shop's quiet after all the mania in the run up to Christmas, so there's time for a bit of early spring-cleaning. 
Not too much though eh!!  Just put the kettle on first ..
Happy New Year everyone!